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    The mission of The Journal of Family and Community Ministries: Resources for Christian LeadersĀ (JFCM) is to provide research-based articles to congregational and ministry leaders as they seek to serve others locally and globally. JFCM is uniquely positioned as an online, peer-reviewed, professional journal to make high-quality, valuable research accessible to those leading in ministries around the world. JFCM has been in publication since 1987.

    JFCM publishes articles in a number of different sections relevant to the Christian faith of families, the life of congregations, and ways to know and care for others beyond the congregation. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis and are published upon completion of the review process. There is no cost to submit or publish an article through JFCM.

    JFCM is seeking submissions that include:

    • Research-based articles with a companion summary brief for leaders and
    • Annotated topical bibliographies.

    All articles undergo a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality of the publication and trustworthiness of the content for congregational and ministry leaders, who are the target audience of JFCM. Each submission should include a Christian Leaders Summary that will highlight the major points from the article with an emphasis on the application of the research.